The Project

The V-Global project will enable university teachers to develop blended teaching about the global change. Very often, teachers are powerless in the face of distance learning which is reduced to lectures. However, for blended teaching to work, it is necessary to design the course differently.

The V-Global project relies on experiential learning to develop active and effective blended teaching practices.

The project focuses on higher education on two axes: on one hand, to enhance the links between education, research and innovation which it plays a crucial role in individual and societal development, on the other hand to combat future skills mismatches in order to provide excellence in skills development and supporting effective higher education (European Commission, 2019).

The V-Global project is about global change. It is directly related to developing and using virtual excursions, which are a way to explore space without generating the greenhouse gases associated with travel.

Virtual field trips allow everyone, including students with disabilities or who cannot afford a field trip, to explore space and understand the causes, manifestations, and issues of global change.