Community of Inquiry (CoI)

Community of Inquiry (CoI) : Designed by Garrison and all (2000), the Community of Inquiry is an inquiry based learning Based on Dewey’s work. “It links reflection and content by encouraging students to collaboraively explore and reasonably question the organozation and meaning of the subject mater” (Garrison and Vaughan, 2008, 15). The three pillars of the approach are :
• Social presence : it means feeling free to speak, to developp personal relation, open communication and coherent answer.
• Cognitif presence : based on Kolb’s work (1984), it’s the capacity of the students to reflect about action, to explore their perception, to deliberate on and to built a coherent reflexion that help them to elaborate new conceptions.
• Pedagogical presence : I’s a learning based approach focused on student’s reflexion and learning. It deals with reflective task on line and collaborative approach face to face.