Creating Virtual field trip with V-Global in ArcGis

The  goal of this event is to explore ways to use virtual journeys to raise awareness among university professors regarding global change and sustainability education. Digital storytelling maps (DSM) are employed as one of the most powerful tools to create virtual journeys.

The workshop was organised in a theoretical and practical way with a participatory field trip in the city with Geotechnologies. At the theoretical part, it has been explained the project results one (PR1. State of the art on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)) and two (PR2. Design a didactic and pedagogical approach to use virtual field trips in a ESD perspective).

Additionally, it has been done an invitation to the participants to join the MOOC as both PR have a module each about them available on a MOOC, which are now being translated to several languages on the edX UNED Abierta platform (make a search inside: looking for the image of the Athens acrópolis).

Geotechnologies and participatory field trips for sustainability education enhanced the workshop to explore, through direct observation on a stroll through the city of Albacete, the imprints that global change leaves on the urban landscape. Inside a previous story map was created an interactive city map : using coworking and collecting points in a Survey123 questionnaire.

During the workshop, other initiatives of the project were explained (The University City of Madrid as a sustainability laboratory in a virtual fieldwork) and other considerations and perspectives on the use of ICT in educational field trips.

Attendees unanimously stated that the event venue and the presented content have contributed to a greater understanding of the V-Global project. 80% affirm that the content helped to improve their teaching perspective regarding sustainability education, although 20% are unsure. It was noted that the session was agile and educational, with speakers demonstrating mastery of the tools showcased. Attendees found it interesting for potential application in secondary education. They would have liked to see more examples. There is a request to minimize the use of acronyms and instead repeat full names.

 Multiplier event in UNED, November 2023 ( Credits : Maria Luisa De Lazaro Torres, 2024)