Discover a virtual field trip about the noise in Metsovo (Greece)

NTUA students create a virtual Field trip about the noise in the village of Metsovo. Please discover it here.

Description of  virtual fieldtrip: The problem of noise in the traditional settlement of Metsovo. This virtual field trip is based on a participatory learning methods enable students to acquire the skills and values that allow them to enhance awareness and play a role in Global Change. These methods are based on a holistic learning approach that helps in understanding real problems, co-creating, and developing transferable competences (technical, creativity, teamwork, critical thinking, etc.) among students. Each of the methods can be used to focus on various subjects related to Global Change issues

  1. Objective: investigate the hyper-tourism impact
  2. Understanding the problem
  3. Collect primary noise data
  4. Propose scenarios

Learning objectives : the process implies not only engaging students’ interest in lessons to encourage group discussions and critical reflections but also enhancing their involvement in more practical activities, such as connecting academic achievement with everyday life issues. It aims not only to comprehend the impact of individual actions on the community but also to foster a deeper understanding of such effects.

Short description of the experiment :

The team’s task is to design, build, and assess itineraries that aim to familiarize students with various representations, fostering a deeper understanding of diverse concepts. As part of the project, we need to develop instruments to assess communication performance, ensuring that students can effectively convey their ideas and understanding. The next step involves running scenarios that provide conceptual frameworks, helping students grasp and apply key concepts in practical situations.

The skills required:

  1. a) Improve problem-solving , decision-making and communication skills .
  2. b) increase interpersonal interactions.
  3. c) positively change student’s
  4. d) Increase motivation and participation in the learning process.


Image 1 Map of the noises in Metsova