Discovering Global Change: V-Global Results in Ciudad Real, Spain (EUROGEO)

Multiplier event in Spain

18 April, EUROGEO


The V-Global Project focuses on the concept of global change, offering a comprehensive explanation and showcasing examples of virtual journeys developed within the initiative. Utilizing digital storytelling and GIS-based maps, known as story maps, the project vividly illustrates various global change scenarios.

A notable workshop was held in Ciudad Real where participants created a virtual journey using ArcGIS Online StoryMaps, leveraging toolkit tools. This session highlighted the potential of education for sustainability through the creation of these virtual journeys. Each module of the MOOC was thoroughly explained, providing detailed insights into the project’s educational framework.

The primary target audience comprised university teachers, although secondary school teachers and local stakeholders also showed significant interest in learning about the V-Global project.

Dissemination activities were carried out before, during, and after the multiplier event, primarily through social media and the web pages of various partners.

Image 1. workshop on Virtual Field Trip in Ciudad Real (University of Castilla-La Mancha) Source: EUROGEO