The main Project Result 4 is a MOOC, a Massive Open Online Course. 
It is free online and available for anyone to enroll. The title is “Virtual Field Trip and Global Change: A Blended Learning Approach“. It will develop innovative teaching practices, such as virtual fieldtrip for Education for Sustainable Development at the university level. 

MOOC learning objectives

  • Awareness of global change is a lever to enable them to consider sustainability issues in their future professional lives. 
  • Developing their pedogical abilities : their abilities to create a blended learning pedagogy
  • Verify the effectiveness of the pedagogical scenarios created.
  • Ensure quality higher education to achieve excellence and contribute to the development of a knowledge society using teaching practices to consider the challenge of developing students’ digital skills.

MOOC syllabus

Module 0 : Introduction to the MOOC  
The module 0 will explain the MOOC content and aims.
Module 1 : ESD and Global Change  
This module presents the challenges of education for sustainable development at the university. How can it be integrated into the curriculum? What learning for students? 
Module 2 : Create Virtual Field Trips 
The goal of this module is to develop a didactic approach to using virtual field trips in an ESD perspective. Real field trips will be conducted in order to obtain data for the creation of the virtual field trips. 
Module 3 : The participatory tools and process (Participatory Lab) 
The aim of this module is to develop a methodological framework for the digital toolkit of participatory methods. It will provide step by step instructions, demos, and proposed tools for facilitate ppWebGIS platforms.
Module 4 : Applied module 
This module addresses a learning situation example to motivate trainees and teachers to practice spatial and critical thinking skills for education in sustainability. 
An international course at UNED (Madrid, Spain, 3-7 july 2022) will be run in order to try the materials created. It is possible to register for this course here.
It is needed a confirmation of aceptance. Target group: trainees and university teachers.