Participatory Toolkit

Participatory learning is based on participatory and learner-centered methods that address real-life concerns, are experiential, and promote learning by doing, using intercultural connections to create awareness. Its main goal is to convey and practice the values and skills of active learning with a balanced interaction between the dimensions of values, knowledge, and skills. It fosters individual and group learning, creates connections at the local, regional, national, and international levels, and empowers teaching/learning relations.

To promote a more active role of students in the learning process, participative teaching provides a set of didactic strategies, techniques, and tools, such as Miro, Padlet and QGIS. This involves not only engaging students’ interest in lessons and encouraging group discussions and critical reflections, but also connecting academic achievement with real-life issues and understanding the impact of individual actions on the community.

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The PR3 contains suggestions for methods that teachers can use with groups of students in higher education settings to help them think about global issues and develop their sense of themselves as active citizens.

Participatory learning methods enable students to acquire the skills and values necessary to enhance awareness and play a role in global change. These methods are based on a holistic learning approach that helps students understand real problems and transferable competences between them. Each of the methods can focus on many different subjects related to global change issues.


How to create a participatory workshop using Miro. Steps and tips

Participatory learning is structured for student success and empowerment, which includes involving students in the learning process by co-creating a syllabus and learning outcomes. Finally, participatory learning reinforces a self-reflective method by engaging students in metacognition, a process that requires learners to critically reexamine traditional modes of teaching and learning.