Participatory Toolkit

Participatory learning is based on participatory and learner-centred methods that address real-life concerns, are experiential, and promote learning by doing, using intercultural connections to create awareness. Its main goal is to convey and practice the values and skills of active learning with a balanced interaction between the dimensions of values, knowledge, and skills. It fosters individual and group learning, creates local, regional, national, and international connections, and empowers teaching/learning relations.

The main goal of the V-Global Participatory Toolkit is to provide methodological steps, tools, and techniques for co-designing Virtual Field Trips (VFTs) and to familiarise teachers with blended learning methods and participatory tools. It is a self-explained guide that can be used to apply a common glossary among tutors and professionals in geography and urban planning/design.

Who is this toolkit for?

  • Teachers in higher education
  • Geography teachers
  • High-education students and academics
  • Researchers in the fields of geography, urban planning and spatial design

Participatory Toolkit as an Open Repository | Wiki

Wiki provides a robust platform for knowledge management, collaboration, and documentation. It empowers the partnership and interested individuals to collaboratively contribute towards ESD.

The V-Global team chose the Wiki format because of its collaborative nature. Wiki significantly enhances:

  • Knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • Continuous updating and improvement
  • Archive and documentation
  • Community engagement and feedback

More importantly, it constitutes an open and accessible virtual hub for anyone interested in exploring the developed participatory toolkit and contributing articles to the wiki.

General participatory steps

For the development of every participatory project, from the participatory design of a public space to the co-production of a cultural campaign or the co-creation of a VFT, follow these general steps:

  • Definition of the goals, action plan, and the target groups of the project
  • Data collection
  • Collective brainstorming
  • Realization of the participatory project’s main actions (in our case, the creation of a Virtual Field Trip)
  • Presentation to the group/community

Explore the step-by-step process for co-creation of VFTs


V-Global Glossary



What is a participatory process, and for whom? Can we create a Virtual Field Trip collectively? What participatory tools could we use?

We are happy to announce the release of our participatory toolkit!

V-Global Participatory Toolkit

Examples of participatory tools

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