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Participatory toolkit A guide of tools and methods for collective creation of Virtual Field Trips

What is a participatory process, and for whom? Can we create a Virtual Field Trip collectively? What participatory tools could we use?

We are happy to announce the release of our participatory toolkit!

V-Global Participatory Toolkit

The main goal of this toolkit is to provide methodological steps, tools, and techniques for co-designing Virtual Field Trips (VFTs) and to familiarize teachers with blended learning methods and participatory tools. It is a self-explained guide that can be used to apply a common glossary among tutors and professionals in geography and urban planning/design.

Image 1. Problems and ideas collective mapping with the residents in Halandri Neighborhood, Athens source: commonspace

The main target groups are the following:

  • Teachers in higher education.
  • High education students and academics.
  • Researchers in the fields of geography, urban planning and spatial design.

In this toolkit you can find the following chapters and content:

  1. What is a participatory process? A more theoretical framework regarding participatory processes.
  2. The goal and target groups of the participatory toolkit
  3. Step by step process in Athens and Hamburg. The different participatory methodologies that the project partners followed to experiment and create Virtual Field Trips in the two cities.
  4. Different examples of methodological frameworks. The different methodological workflows and approaches that the project partners have developed and followed during their Virtual Field Trips creations.
  5. Categories and examples of participatory tools. Tools, blended learning methods, guidelines, participatory techniques, easy-to-use templates, links to tutorials and tips to match digital tools to physical processes and participatory steps.


Image 2.SWOT template. Source: commonspace’s participatory LAB, https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_l4dVM_w=/?share_link_id=877444891119

This toolkit proposes a variety of proposed tools that you can use to design a participatory process and create your Virtual Field Trip, by combining field work with digital techniques. The tools are dived in categories such as:

  • Aspiration mapping, brainstorming & Co-design of field trips and excursions
  • Sensory mapping (sensations, perspective, sentiments)
  • Collaborative SWOT analysis tools
  • Data collection and Mobile data collection tools
  • Story-telling and story map tools
  • Consultation/ Voting/ Evaluation tools

We invite you to use our toolkit, walk around and discover your local environment, collect your data, choose collective processes and get inspired to create your Virtual Field Trips with your team!