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St Mary’s University, Twickenham: Festival of Learning and Teaching

On the 19th June, the St Mary’s University Festival of Learning and Teaching concluded on a high note with V Global’s successful hybrid presentation on virtual field work in the context of global change, led by Sophie Wilson and Maria Angeles for EUROGEO. The session introduced V Global’s recently available MOOC, which was designed to enhance environmental education within higher education institutions and to support university teachers in adopting digital and innovative teaching methods.

The MOOC uses virtual field trips and participatory tools to raise awareness about global change, serving as a catalyst for educators to integrate sustainability topics into their curriculum. This approach aims to help educators develop effective pedagogical strategies. The session featured case-study examples from various cities, offering attendees practical references to teach with or use as a foundation for creating their own virtual field trips using the innovative tools presented.

The session highlighted the importance of digital skills, emphasising their relevance to future employability across a range of occupations and businesses committed to sustainability. The presentation was well-received, marking a successful conclusion to the festival.

Link: Learning and Teaching Festival 24